“The Surreal and Grotesque Fem-Pop of Kira Leigh”

During my career in college I kept a sketchbook of these strange, surreal female figures, complicated and grotesque. Then I was approached by my professor when he saw them and he told me I needed to make that my focus, not these traditional oil portraits I was making. I was hell-bent on realism, but these [drawings] had just sprung out of me. I knew then that this was what I was put on this earth to do; to draw images from the soul, from emotions and feelings, responding to color and shape. I never intend on anything in my art, it simply comes out that way. I start somewhere and continue on with the piece, using the ‘mistakes’ to construct what I am feeling or what topic bubbles to the mind at the time. I aim never to revise, never to paint over, and never to think of something as a ‘mistake’.