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Invented the post-it note and has an IQ of 163. Owns a hoverboard and speaks 12 languages. Oh, and paints.

Creatives: Stop Doing Free Shit For People. Now.

Creatives: Stop Doing Free Shit For People. Now Notice: JavaScript is required for this content.

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Get Off The Instant Grams

Words, Words, Words

Stop Doing Free Work by Kira Leigh

Creatives: Stop Doing Free Shit For People. Now.

Creatives: Stop Doing Free Shit For People. Now Notice: JavaScript is required for this content.

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Why You Can’t Get Into The Creative Flow

I Can’t Get The Feels In — Why Your Creative Flow is a No-Go. The human mind is amazing. It creates shortcuts out of common things we’ve seen, thought, done and said to free up processing space for more difficult tasks. But you…..

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Writing Prompt #1

The year is 2347 and your character is a soldier on a mid-size transport spaceship. The government that you are loyal to is suspected of performing horrendous experiments on aliens. Your character and another co-worker decide to put an end…..

Web Design No-Nos; Stop Making Users Angry

Hi. I am Kira Leigh, an artist, singer, writer, and general master overlord. I am sometimes Kira Maintanis, a web designer, SEO maven, and social media philanthropist. I have a desperate plea I want all of the major companies of…..

The Depression Blanket, Emotional Reserves, & Other Observations

I am not an unfeeling empathy-less monster that spouts vitriol and lambasts people who try to get me to care. Though sometimes it feels like I am, and there is a guilt in this, because I know there’s a sliver…..

How to Sound Smart & Other Observations

Smart people say smart things, they speak politely and with courtesy, they make it a point to write eloquently and use great diction. Smart people don’t say non-smart things, they don’t cuss and swear like drunken hookers, and they make…..

Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz Smells like Burnt Plastic, In a Good Way

I wasn’t a fan of popular music for most of my life. I’d have to say in retrospect nineties grunge was popular, and really anything popular to the mainstream is considered ‘popular’ but I’m getting ahead of myself here. To…..

Freelancing Adventure! Super happy #FML

I have recently taken up, in my free time, reaching out to score some social media, marketing, branding, and web consultation work. Easy enough, right? I’ve been doing it for years, on and off. But this time it’s through freelancer.com……

kira leigh surreal artwork

Writings: ELLY

EL had her hands stretched out on a giant illumination, thin fingers feelings for new nodes and pulses in the general swarm of their populace. Their synthetic populace, that had for centuries lived in tall, towering organelles. Organic buildings, organic…..

Writings: Yellow

He would wonder often if it was just something inside of himself. Something that ate away at bits and parts that made him feel, above all things, that he was alone in this world. Dementia may be of the mind,…..