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I am attempting to make a collective of writers and artists to post articles, songs, video, stories, paintings, opinion pieces, and anything and everything. The lovely people below have decided to join up and create work.

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Many opinions expressed on this site are not related to, or reflect Kira Leigh’s own opinions or approval. Posts created by other members of the group do not reflect Kira Leigh’s opinions. Ideas expressed or art posts created by Kira Leigh do not reflect the foundational nature of those she is employed by. The Kira Leigh brand is an entirely different creature than the actual human, and as such, anything and everything on this site is to be taken as satire, humor, witty discourse, or just general fun. There we no using of personal social profiles of the Kira Leigh brand or sites therein, or of any content created by her under this moniker for reference to professional capacity.

Basically; art brands are different than humans.



The Soviet Union

King Sundew

Benjamin Fyrestone


Idiotic Overlord (kira)







Fox Horizon



“im just gonna write my opinions. how i feel.”

-Benjamin Fyrestone


“This is just too cute. Kira you’re adorable.You overestimate how many friends I have. XD//cannot get over how cute”

-The Soviet Union


“deviantart is gross.” -briroons


“yeah it’s cool bc now people will be more motivated to try new things, like you and video editing
ps i can do a pretty solid bernie sanders impression if you ever need him for voice overs only like half kidding about that..lol”-briroons


“why dont you record some funny stuff and ill make a video hahahahah”-Idiotic Overlord


“hahaha I have no idea what to talk about but im sure we can work something out.”-briroons


“hahaha talk about memes in bernie voice” -Idiotic Overlord

“fyi i sound like a 10 year old girl child when recorded so bascially im shirley temple. omg memes” -briroons


“like child bernie sanders”-briroons