kira leigh surreal artwork

EL had her hands stretched out on a giant illumination, thin fingers feelings for new nodes and pulses in the general swarm of their populace. Their synthetic populace, that had for centuries lived in tall, towering organelles. Organic buildings, organic lighting, organic machinery. But machinations in their truest order, for they were replicated with code and process, and the science of the natural world was used to purify the planet. And the human race.

The mechanized world had taken over in 2096, two centuries prior, and EL was a newly manufactured member of the 567-B genus. The machine could not quite be called a girl, but form had fitted her as such, with their technicians creating the most perfect of beauty, she was feminine. Pale translucent skin, the pert parting of two lips, eyebrowless, with only blue liquid beneath the surface of her plasticine to signal what humans would call ‘blood’ or ‘blood flow’. She was a perfect beauty. All beings, from TE to ZJ were beautiful. And in this, EL saw a folly. Imperfections seemed to have made humans resilient. Imperfections had seemed to make humans more beautiful than their current symmetry could enact.

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