Web Design No-Nos; Stop Making Users Angry

Hi. I am Kira Leigh, an artist, singer, writer, and general master overlord. I am sometimes Kira Maintanis, a web designer, SEO maven, and social media philanthropist.

I have a desperate plea I want all of the major companies of the world and every web designer and/or developer that ever lived to stop doing one specific thing.

Stop nagging your consumers to sign up for your newsletter with passive aggressive popups.

Things like ‘No I don’t want to get free stuff’ or ‘No I don’t want to have a happier life’ or even ‘No I don’t want to be the cool kid’ or some shit like that are essentially guilting your consumers into signing up. That is a manipulation tactic and they are not responding well.

And by not responding well I mean literally not even bothering to read the popup and trying to exit it as soon as humanly possible.

If you effectively make it impossible for people to close it out, and instead minimize it or prevent reading of the thing they are wanting to be viewing, you are pissing off your userbase.

I read a lot of articles. A lot. I look at design trends. I focus on what’s going on in the industry. I have to, it’s my job.

At some point during the day, inevitably, I will find myself interested in reading some cool content only to have a popup obscure my view and possibly have me wait to click ‘skip’ if there’s a timer.

I get that this is how you are accruing revenue; through advertising. And getting high converting leads; through sign-ups with a newsletter. Or maybe you are trying to make sales.

Fundamentally however, no one is going to sign up with your shitty newsletter if it’s shitty. Or if you are preventing them from figuring out why you want to sign up in the first place, or share your content on the socials.

Here’s a pro-top: Give them something at the end of the article or the thing you are wanting them to be sharing to, well, do either thing. If the article was good enough, they’ll sign up/share. If it isn’t, you haven’t pissed off a consumer, and they may or may not sign up for your shitty newsletter. Ah, that seems to be a bad way to convert people and measure metrics! Oh well, because, measuring metrics doesn’t mean jack squat when you guilt me into joining your shitty newsletter by saying more or less I have an unhappy life and you, and only you, can save me.

Don’t click the no button or you are going to have an unhappy life, they are asserting.

How about this; stop using these shitty popups and make good content.

How about that.

How about stop nagging consumers–namely me–to do something before I start reading.

How about make good content.

How about stop the video advertisements with sound.

How about don’t let your company make you do these things.

How about listen to the fact no one likes them and makes you seem like jerks.

How about don’t seem like a passive aggressive psycho.

Well, you ain’t going to read this anyway.



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