I wasn’t a fan of popular music for most of my life. I’d have to say in retrospect nineties grunge was popular, and really anything popular to the mainstream is considered ‘popular’ but I’m getting ahead of myself here. To me, throughout my angsty teen years up through my troubled artist college years (and ramen-inhaling-due-to-poverty years, it seems), popular music was pale. Thin like paper, white like a ghost, and hard to access (for me). Derivative. Lacking in substance. Completely and irrevocably tethered to junk lyrics, junk beats, junk Idols, and junk sound. Take that ridiculous incessant mind-draining prattle, I can’t even place the name as I’ve blotted it out of my memory, ‘my lady lumps’ song by Fergie. Or was it the Black Eyed Peas? Don’t care, because the only way I’ll listen to the song is if Alanis Morisette sings it. Yeah. That sortof feeling. That all popular music is garbage, and therefore, Pop music is garbage.

But times are surely changing.

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