Smart people say smart things, they speak politely and with courtesy, they make it a point to write eloquently and use great diction.

Smart people don’t say non-smart things, they don’t cuss and swear like drunken hookers, and they make it a point not to write like an idiot on skype or twitter, as though they only have thumbs and not all five fingers attached to their meat hooks.

Smart people don’t use ad hominem attacks in arguments, smart people do refer to logical fallacies, and smart people also cite all their sources.

Smart people are better than non-smart people because of this arbitrary list of things I’ve just run off, and you must follow what I’ve prescribed if you want to be a smart person. The dictionary told me to tell you that, so you must comply with our irrevocable and concrete rule book of what smarty mc smarty pants people say 2 each 0ther.

Now that we’ve gotten the rules of being a Smart Person all down pat, let’s analyze all this, shall we?

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