Day: August 1, 2016

Complications 2

It’s not fun to sit in the office. It’s not fun to file paperwork, and so, I get that cute brunette with hips for days to type my shit up. Not that I can’t do it myself, but she’s keen on me, and it makes it easier than having to do it myself. I pay for it of course. As I have paid for many a thing as only someone handsome and without decency can […]

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Complications 1

If we were to talk about openly I’d have to say it started a long time ago. This need to solve all the intricacies of the world into a single, fallible bubble. The problem with bubbles is that they effectively pop at some point. An absolute, a desire for the entirety of solved thought. Of course that’s never how it ends up. Murphy’s Law and all. Maybe I would’ve been better off as a fucking […]

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